2 0 1 6

I have managed to support myself for almost a year now, relying only on the income I generate for myself.

Seeing January trough employed full time; in February I stepped out into the world and started Gully Plumbing Services with a childhood friend. The Plan was to start a business that would support us both to be able to work part time and still earn a half decent wage.

My plan was to study psychology in preparation for a career change in 5 years’ time. Late February I received a letter of offer from Swinburne to study full time. But the schedule was too intense and I wasn’t able to afford to attend uni 5 days a week and still run a business. I reluctantly declined the offer, which in the end, turned out to be a blessing.

By April, the plan for Gully Plumbing Services fell through and, as it eventuated, so did a friendship. And I stepped out of the business to start my own. This was a huge setback financially, but an even bigger leap forward in terms of personal progression. Hence we have the birth of Stag Plumbing.

The business started slow, developing a logo, letterheads, business cards, bank accounts, everything you need to run a business. For the second time this year. But by early May I had work rolling in and booked out for 2 weeks in advance. Come mid-May I had an accident and slashed my wrist open on the job. This resulted in surgery and not being able to work for 4 weeks. I guess we can call this setback number 2.

By mid-June I was back on the tools and earning money. The month ran at a loss after paying a back catalogue of bills and forking out a large sum of money for car repairs (setback 3) but still, overall had a good turn over.

July, the business really started taking off and I am finally making half decent money.

It really took the first six months of this year to find my feet in the world of self employment. But since finding my feet, I have been able to focus on giving myself more free time to live as opposed to just exist. With a plumber’s income I have been able to survive with only 2-3 days’ work per week. And as a result I have learnt what it means to be, what I call, ‘time-rich’ I feel like I’m now living a far more intentional life, instead of just participating mindlessly in society. No more 9-5 bullshit. When you’re time rich, your money goes further, you don’t have to buy lunch and you don’t have to buy happiness.

I finally have a grip on life. This year might just be the year where I finally get some traction, instead of spinning my wheels as I have done for the previous 28 years, trying to find my way amongst the expectations of societal standards. I pledge to not be a slave anymore.

October saw the passing of Poppy, a loving man I drew a lot of inspiration from in terms of his integrity, creativity and adventurous spirit. His passing served as a reminder that we are only on this earth for a short time. And we are here to live, not to pay bills for our whole lives in the hope that one day, when we retire. We can finally rest and spend our last decade or so enjoying our previous 65 years of hard work.

What have I done with all my spare time? I have been able to focus on myself, to mindfully contemplate who I am, what I desire, and how I want to live. I have been able to slow down life and as a result, slow down time! When you start to realise who you are, and when you start to listen to your soul. The universe will provide. In fact, upon reflection I have learned that the universe will always provide. The only thing that changes is whether you listen or not.

Since connecting with my inner self and listening to my heart, some of the most inspirational and amazing people have entered my life. And they just keep coming, keep gravitating towards me. I have drawn inspiration from everyone I’ve ever met in my life, but these people have truly inspired me to pursue my personal legend. From this I have learned two things.

  • You are the product of your environment, and the people you surround yourself with.
  • You attract the energy you put out, positive vibes attract positive people and positive situations.

The latter is a segue to the most recent occurrence of the year, and this is a clear example of the law of attraction. I have been offered a position at Kambrya Secondary College as the VET Plumbing teacher. Teaching year 10-12 students plumbing, 2 days per week. This opportunity will provide me with a regular income and the flexibility to work as much for myself as I would like. While also allowing me to focus on the transition to the next stage of my life.

My goals for next year?

  • To pay off 100% of the debts I accumulated while working my 40hr a week job thus freeing myself to live a more minimalistic and purposeful life
  • To focus more on my personal development with the aim of being truly authentic to myself
  • To inspire and to improve the lives of those around me
  • To semi retire the plumber’s boots, create a new source of income and generate wealth whilst maintaining freedom

2 thoughts on “2 0 1 6

  1. Hi Cleighton your poppy Rodney Petts would have been proud to here your plans for the future and so would I will you be at Anthonys on Xmas day love Valda


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